Britelite Folding Doors

Folding doors can become a design feature in any home, but they can be used where spans prohibit the use of French style doors. They can be opened up to 9m in span incorporating up to 8 door leafs. Ideal for any conservatory or sun-room, they can open up the garden to the room inside.

Each glazed panel can be manufactured up to 900mm wide and 2400mm high. The width of the panel will match the internal space used when folding the doors. The minimum sizes are 330mm in width and 1000mm height. Perfect for decking/wooden floors No vents due to sliding head section. All doors are pre hung as standard – assembly and disassembly instructions are available on request.

Folding DoorsFolding Doors
Folding DoorsFolding Doors


  • Full concertina effect
  • All design options and models areopen in
  • All doors are internally glazed for enhanced security
  • Supplied as standard, multi point espagnolette locking provides the safest locking system for your door.
  • All doors include weather seals around the door leaf improving performance against wind and rain.

Folding Doors Examples

Design Options

Two differing systems can be chosen depending on the model and threshold required.

Low level Track Mechanism Option

Using a concealed track that needs to be built into the floor, the folding door design means that internal and external floor heights only have a nominal difference.

This difference of only 10mm means:

  1. Less chance of tripping over a raised threshold
  2. Less chance of damage with regular use
  3. Easy to move furniture outside without having to lift over a raised threshold

Increased jamb thickness if required on frame to ensure hinges have satisfactory clearance from skirting board and plasterwork. The door system may be opened to the left or right with panels folding inwards or alternatively they may split so that not all doors stack to one side.

Transomes can also be specifically placed to meet the building which can also incorporate panels.

Opening out Folding doors and Prestige Range are available on request, please contact the sales office for further details.

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