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Increased thermal insulation of the buildings, in order to achieve energy efficiency and thus emissions of the greenhouse gases, leads to increased interest in the thermal bridges. A considerable thermal bridge is found inside insulating glass units which incorporates traditional metallic spacer. This is responsible for reducing edge temperature of the interior pane in the cold weather. Warm edge spacers have a thermal conductivity of 0.19W/m²K, which is 1,052 times less than a thermal conductivity of aluminium.

Insulation with a Warm Edge

This new generation of insulating glass spacers, made of engineered plastics, which thermally break the insulating glass edge and create a ‘warm edge’, reduce condensation and save heat.

How Does Warm Edge Work?

Heat transmission through the centre of an insulating glass unit happens in 3 ways:

  • Radiation: this transport mechanism can be reduced with Low-E coatings.
  • Thermal Conduction: this can be diminished by reducing the thermal conductivity of the gas fill, by the use of noble gases like argon or krypton of xenon.
  • Convection: this is reduced to a minimum by optimization of the cavity.

Reduced U-values – Warm Edge Spacer Technology

In utilising Krypton as the filing gas and using warm edge spacer technology for the unit spacers, The U-value can be reduced to 1.25W/m²K (centre pane U-value of 0.9W/m²K of glass). This type of unit has been supplied to Bedzed and One Planet Products’ carbon neutral sites around the UK.

Britelite have recognised the advantages of this type of glazing and are now able to offer warm edge glass across our full range of windows and doors.

Obscure Glazing Options

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