Window Leading & Bars

Unit Spacer Colours

Unit spacers are available in four colours to compliment the paint or stain option chosen.

Unit Spacer SilverUnit Spacer WhiteUnit Spacer BronzeUnit Spacer Champagne

Leaded Options

Lead is a 9mm antique finish, fixed to both the outside and inside of the outer glass pane. Bespoke lead patterns are also available on request.

Bespoke Leaded GlassBespoke Leaded GlassBespoke Leaded Glass

Bar Design

Depending on the style of house and the look you are trying to achieve, bars can be added to sashes giving multi pane effects.

Britelite are able to offer bars in both solid and stick on and any configuration required can be supplied. Curved bars are also available for specialist frames.

Sliding Sash Spiral Balance
Sliding Sash Spiral Balance
Sliding Sash Spiral Balance
  • Stick on Bars
    Stick on bars is situated on both sides of the double-glazing unit and have a spacer bar inside. The sash is only one pane but aesthetically gives a multi paned effect. Ideal for conservation areas, the slim bars also give similar aesthetics as old putty beading.
  • Solid Bars
    Solid bars split sashes into two or more glazing units. Being wider, they are uncommon in large quantities on smaller windows.
  • Marginal Bars
    Marginal bars are situated 150mm into the sash from the start of the glass line.
  • Prestige Range
    A range of sash and bar mouldings can be chosen if a more ornate moulded requirement is required. This would be shown on quotations as ‘prestige’ in the specification summary.
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