Timber Type and Finishes

Choose your preferred timber type

All Britelite’s products can be supplied in either Redwood (Softwood), Dark Red Merranti (Hardwood) or Oak. The wood used in the production of all Britelite products is quality tested and audited at both manufacturer and fabricator making for a more reliable product. All timbers have the following characteristics:

•  No knots
Britelite windows are knot free, therefore they inherent problems associated with resin exudation, that are common in the UK are eliminated

•  Laminated Timber
Our laminates are inherently stronger because any flaws are local to the laminate not the solid section ensuring the whole section is not weakened. Laminates are of the same width and wood structure providing the most favourable technical performance of the whole profile.

•  Radial Grain
All Britelite windows are made from defect free timber laminates, with radial or semi radial grain only giving better stability and durability.

•  Full range of paint/stain options available
If the stained option is chosen clear faced timber is used ensuring no grain change is visible through finger joints.

Redwood TimberHardwood TimberOak Timber

The 3 pictures above show the grain difference between Softwood, Hardwood and Oak. While the stain colour is the same, the timber type with its own natural pigment will result in a differing final finish colour. Due to the open pore structure a feature of hardwood is a pitted effect, whereas softwood has a smoother finish. This has no effect on the performance of the product and only provides for differing aesthetics of the window.

Choose your finish

Having taken care of the wood internally, the final stage is to protect the outside surface.

Wood Finishes

It makes sense to provide a thorough surface protection before the windows are delivered. This saves work on building sites where conditions may not be ideal for painting or staining windows. While the cost of ordering factory pre-finished products may be slightly higher, there is no doubt that window finishing is best applied under factory controlled conditions.

Britelite are specialists in proving fully factoryfinished products. Using a quality paint/stain system combined with an accomplished product design and high quality materials allows us to offer a ten year warranty on the paint/stain finish of all our finished products.

Any RAL or British standard colour can be chosen at no extra cost.

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