Conserving Energy

The consumption of energy has become an important factor in the choice of materials for windows and doors since parts L and J were introduced to the building regulations.

Windows in dwellings alone account for 6% of the UK’s total energy consumption. The image shown reveals that a great deal of heat is lost through the plastic windows (upper and bottom left) compared to a high performance timber window using soft coat, argon filled glass (centre right).

Conserving EnergyUnder current regulations, for a semi-detached house with 20m² of glass a saving of 1800kw/h costing £175 per annum can be directly attributed to choosing Britelite Bespoke windows. As energy costs continue to rise this saving will increase year on year.

Conserving Energy

Sustainable Solution

The new trees, younger replacing the old, oxygenate the air far more efficiently. The new forests are also planted to meet future demands for the timber and therefore the business of supplying North European Redwoods, the ideal choice for manufacturing windows and doors, is already an established renewable process.

Wood is therefore the only natural renewable material for windows. Windows from Britelite Bespoke are made from fully certified timber, so you can be sure that the wood harvested has been replaced by even more new trees, adding to the carbon sink effect of our forests.

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