Quality of Workmanship

In addition to the quality of materials and enhanced ironmongery used, the manufacturing techniques can also significantly affect the life span of any timber windows. Avoiding rot can be greatly assisted through employing three simple measures that are used as standard on all Britelite Bespoke Timber’s products. These are:

Sliding Sash Spiral BalanceTimber Sealants
Britelite use only engineered defect free timber with no knots and all end grain is sealed and cleaned as standard. End grain rot and decay is one of the most common causes of window failure in the UK. As standard all end grain sealed with a special deep penetrating preservative specifically developed for use on highly absorbent edges of sawn wood, protecting against all penetrating humidity.

Sliding Sash Spiral BalanceSilicon Sealant
Joint sealant is used as standard providing lasting protection for small cracks and V-Joints. Extremely resistant to weathering, thanks to its flexible connection to preservative treatments, primers and paints. It is colourless resistant to UV radiation and seals all areas against penetrating humidity.

Sliding Sash Spiral BalanceConcealed nails
Why bother treating timber with preservative when the nailing of beads punctures through its protective envelope? Nails are exposed or filled but they provide an ideal conduit for water ingress and subsequent rot and decay. Using a hidden nailing system Britelite windows ensure the elements cannot penetrate the timber in this way. No nails are left exposed or have to be filled as they are situated behind the glazing seal leaving the surface of the bead completely untouched, extending the life of the window and reducing maintenance.

Preservation and Treatments
The first step to ensure longevity is to treat the inside of the wood. The second step is to waterproof the outside. All Britelite products are protected from rot, fungal and insect attack by applying antifungicidal preservative treatments which are colourless and harmless to humans.

Our high standards allow Britelite to offer exceptional warranties on all of our products.

30 Years – Rot and Fungal Decay

10 Years – Glazing Failure

10 Years – Paint Finish on fully factory finished products

10 Years – Ironmongery

10 Years – Manufactory Defects

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